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The Gooseberry Grandmother's Daughter (2022)

Malungelo didn’t always get on with her mother. But when Mam’Fikile was brutally gunned down, her daughter is determined to find out why she was killed. To her surprise she discovers a hero who stood up against a corporate giant.

In October 2020, Malungelo ’s world came crashing down. Her mother, a tough but big-hearted woman with a bellowing singing voice was murdered. She was shot 6 times as she enjoyed afternoon tea at her kitchen table. Malungelo’s son, 13-year-old Buyile witnessed the murder. As is customary, when a visitor arrives at a Zulu homestead, the children can be asked to restrain the family dogs. Buyile and a friend were playing in the front yard when 3 strangers came to the house. As instructed by the men, the youngsters held the growling dogs back so the trio could greet Mam’Fikile inside. But, within minutes of entering the home, the assassins opened fire. What could the 63-year-old grandmother possibly have done to warrant such a violent death? Malungelo believes it is because she refused to move off her land to make way for a coalmine.

Mam’Fikile had a voice, and she used it.

Director: Julie Laurenz

Produced with support from The National Film & Video Foundation.

24min   |   English   |  Documentary

Snake Season 1 & 2


Snake Season, is a riveting series of live-snake capture, rescue, and release, featuring the celebrated and charmingly cool-headed South African snake expert, Nick Evans.


This is a high-energy show, as “freaked-out” folk discover snakes in their homes or gardens, and an always at ease Evans goes about his life’s passion in the rescue and conservation of snakes. While often in precarious situations, it’s “all in a day’s work” for Evans, with great entertainment for the viewer as he provides fascinating insights, (and, yes, with the occasional jump-scare) into the important role that snakes play in the eco-system. 


A household name in South AFrica, Evans who runs KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, has worked with reptiles from an early age, after being inspired by the late Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter). He worked as a herpetologist for Dangerous Creatures at Durban’s Ushaka Marine World, as a Field Officer for the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Threatened Amphibian Programme, and in his spare time, he travels South Africa searching for and photographing wildlife.

.Get up close and personal with the slitheriest creatures on this planet.

24min x 8 (2 Series)   |   English / German   |  Docu-reality

Magdalene's Lies (2021/22)

Mags Lies.png

To some Magdalene is a "Mother Teresa", to other's she is a rotten crook. When a global pandemic ravages her community, the real Magdalene is revealed. 


Best Cinematography, Toronto Documentary & Shorts Festival. 

Director: Terence Pillay & Julie Laurenz

Produced with support for the KwaZulu Natal Film Commission

24min   |   English   |  Documentary

Witness to Covid  (2021)


Did Covid 19 drive South African's further apart?

This short documentary is witnessed through the accounts of people who carried it back from overseas, to the nurses and doctors who were exposed to the virus, the patients who were shunned by frightened hospital staff and the many others who are struggling to assimilate back into communities where they are not wanted.

Director: Terence Pillay

Produced with support for the KwaZulu Natal Film Commission

24min   |   English   |  Documentary

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