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Monkey Helpline / Post Production 2023

Monkey Helpline.jpg

MONKEY HELPLINE is an action packed wildlife reality series, that follows a dedicated couple on a mission to protect, rescue, rehabilitate and release wildly cute vervet monkeys in Durban, South Africa.



22 min x 24 Eps   |   English   |  Docu-Reality

The Good Hunt / Pre Production 2023

The Good Hunt.jpg

THE GOOD HUNT is a True Crime Documentary Series that investigate the bizarre events that led to the murder of two British Botanists in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

44 min x 4 Eps   |   English   |  Docu-Reality

Fish Out of Water / Development 2023


FISH OUT OF WATER follows adventurous Canadian fishing personalities, or legends, as they brave all new
fishing experiences in the exotic warm waters of the Indian Ocean islands, hoping to catch Africa’s most tricky fish

44 min x 12 Eps   |   English   |  Docu-Reality

Secrets of Seafood/ Development 2023


SECRETS OF SEAFOOD, Indian Ocean Islands, takes
you into the lives and kitchens of culinary seafood stars in the Indian Ocean who are redefining gourmet food with innovative dishes whilst sharing the secrets to their culinary inspirations and successes in a sustainable way

22 min x 24 Eps   |   English   |  Docu-Reality

Can of Condensed Milk / Script Development 2023


CAN OF CONDENSED MILK, is a feature film inspired by true events. It tells the story of Job Maseko, a South African black WW2 soldier who, as a POW, blew up an enemy ship in Tobruk harbour. 

90min  |   English   |  Feature Film

Quiver / Character Development 


QUIVER is an animated feature for children aged 6 and over, specifically South African & Africa, but with global appeal.

Concept Statement:

You never appreciate the value of something until it is gone.

Short Premise:

Young friends living in the dry Karoo discover that their favorite climbing tree is disappearing. They are told an unlikely story; the ancient Quiver trees are on the run. How? From what? And how can they be stopped from leaving? This starts their adventure.

90min  |   English /Afrikaans   |  Feature Film

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